Daryl Driver, pastor of Word of Grace Church (2016-present)

MA in Church Ministries (Eastern Mennonite Seminary) with concentrations in Congregational Leadership, Evangelism and Church Planting; BA in English Education (Eastern Mennonite University)

Ministry Experience – pastor of Pleasant View Mennonite Church (1989-1993); religious columnist for The Hydro Review (1989-1993); part-time instructor at Rosedale Bible College (1994-1998); pastor of Cedar Hill Church (1997-2000); pastor of Dayton Mennonite Church (2002-2016) chaplain of Mercy House (2003-2006); board member of Rosedale Bible College (2015-present) 

Topics – Knowing God Better (2-4), any setting

                Parenting with a Purpose (2-4), workshop or classroom


Adin5268 Miller, retired pastor, overseer

Ministry Experience – pastor of Bethel Mennonite Church (1992-2013), renewal meetings, Bible conferences
Settings – renewal meetings, Bible conferences



Merlin W Miller, pastor of Riverview Christian Fellowship (2006-present)

BS in Business Administration (Goshen College)
Sermons (#) – James (23), Hebrews (45), Philippians (25), Haggai (3), Luke (87), Colossians (10), Ruth (13)
Sunday School (# of lessons) – Nehemiah (13), Galatians (13)

Topics –In It, Not of It (5) – being in the world, but not of it
Marks of a True Christian (3) – Romans 12:9-21
The Touch Topics (11) – addressing the things our culture is wrestling with biblically
Character Counts (8) – cardinal virtues & character qualities of believers
The Body of Christ (6) – gifts of the Spirit within the church
Living Sacrifices (6) – Romans 12:1-2, disciplines of the believer
Revival/Evangelistic Meetings on various topics – repentance, forgiveness, living & growing in grace, living with proper perspective

Settings – sermons, lecturing, leading classroom discussions       


Max Zook, pastor of Locust Grove Mennonite Church (1984-present)

BA (Cedarville University); graduated from Rosedale Bible College

Ministry Experience – We Care Prison Ministry (1981-1982)

Topics – Acts, Bible conference, Perspectives Course      

                A Shepherd Looks at the Good Shepherd, men’s meeting, leadership retreat, pastors’ groups

                Spiritual Disciples or themes of Spiritual Direction, large or small group, spiritual retreat, renewal meetings

Selected sermons from books of the Bible for renewal meetings, worship events or small groups: Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, I Samuel, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Mark, Acts, Ephesians, I Timothy, Revelation