Mature and Multiply Moments

Mature and Multiply Moments Overview

Mini Lessons for Adults/Youth and Children



Lesson 1: Multiply by Dividing

We often want to gather resources before we serve God, not divide up the little we have. The lesson video and the questions that follow challenge this thinking.

Lesson 2: Asking Instead of Telling

Jesus asked people questions—in the gospels over 300 of his questions are recorded. Because of these questions, Jesus heard people’s stories, which is what we need to hear in order to build relationships with others. This lesson gives practical help in asking good questions.

Lesson 3: Up, In, Out

To live like Jesus, you should have relationships that are up (with God), in (with people in the church), and out (with people outside the church). In this lesson, you will think about which of these directions is most natural for you and which is hardest.

Lesson 4: Multiply by Subtracting

In disappointment, it’s easy to think all is lost. Watch the lesson video to think about how God uses losses to multiply.

Lesson 5: The Engagement Continuum

Making disciples is impossible if you don’t engage people. How are you doing with getting to know people beyond your family and your church? This lesson will give you a tool for thinking about your levels of engagement.

Lesson 6: Kingdom Investment

God doesn’t measure kingdom involvement by busyness or importance of position. God cares about the bent of your heart toward the kingdom. Given that definition, how invested are you? A graph in this lesson will help you think about this.

Lesson 7: From Self to Community

How can you change from a focus of what is good for you to a focus on what is good for people around you? This lesson will facilitate discussion.

Lesson 8: Multiply with a Negative

God is remarkable in that he transforms even what is negative to bring new life. The lesson video tells a story about this.

Lesson 9: Questions and Quotations

This lesson will give you a list of questions and quotes that help you think about the role of prayer in maturing and multiplying.

Lesson 10: The Merge of Maturing and Multiplying

God asks you to mature—to grow up in him. And God asks you to multiply—to make disciples. A graph in this lesson will help you to discuss how to do both at once.

Lesson 11: Telling My Story

People like stories. So your story about your relationship with Jesus is important. This lesson will help you tell your story well without using church-y words.

 Lesson 12: Multiply with the Highest Power

In heaven you will worship with thousands upon thousands of people from every tribe and nation. The lesson video explores how you bring a little of heaven to earth by meeting people from different tribes and nations.