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Pastors’ Conference

Becoming the Aroma of Christ – John David Swartzentruber
Godly Families – Merlin Miller
Mercy Ministries – Shawn Otto
Soul Caring – Ron Cook
Stewardship – Mark Yoder
Stewardship Part II – Mark Yoder
Leadership – Marlin Ebersole
Leadership Part II – Marlin Ebersole
Tuesday Morning Bible Study – Phil Weber
Thursday Morning Bible Study – Phil Weber
RMM Report
RBC Report

Women’s Session – Guest Speaker, Rodetta Cook


BOOST Retreat

Guest Speaker – Patrick McBane

Business Transitions – Larry & Dot Chupp
Family Business Transitions – HRM Enterpirses
Gloria’s Testimony and Conversation with Diego
Session 1 – Preparing for Change – Patrick McBane
Session 2 – Resolving Conflict – Patrick McBane
Session 3 – Effective Communication – Patrick McBane
Session 4 – Organizational Development – Patrick McBane
Session 5 – Personal Growth and Development – Patrick McBane



Annual Conference

Follow MeJeremy Miller – Saturday morning
Follow Christ Jeremy Miller – Saturday evening
Here Am I, Send Me – Richard and Jewel Showalter – Sunday morning

Women’s Sessions

Some Things Never Change – Jewel Showalter – Friday morning
Stories of Our Unchanging God – Naomi Zimmerman – Friday afternoon

Youth Sessions – audio only

Be Disciples  – Session 1 – Luke Kuepfer
Be Disciples – Session 2 – Luke Kuepfer



Pastors’ Conference

A Family Built on Truth – Preston Yoder
Bible Study One – Phil Moser
Bible Study Two – Phil Moser
Digging Together – Brian Hershberger
Going After the Truth – Steve Swartz
RBC Report
RMM Report
Teaching the Text – part 1 – Nathan Rittenhouse
Teaching the Text – part 2 – Nathan Rittenhouse
Why the Truth Matters – Nathan Rittenhouse
What Brought Me to CMC – Reuben Sairs and John Gunden
The Truth Will Set You Free – Clint Yoder

Women’s Sessions – Guest Speaker – Jocelyn Hamsher

Slow Down and Turn Around

BOOST Retreat 

Guest Speaker – Jay Shetler

Session 1 – Identifying and Aligning Values
Session 2 – Clarifying Values
Session 3 – Hurried Sickness
Session 4 – Aligning Values and Actions
Session 5 – Three Spaces of Transformation


Pastors’ Conference   

Come to the Cross and Unload Your Stuff   Mel Shetler
Understanding Grace     Linden Good
Caring for the Heart   Joe & Naomi Byler
Understanding Discipleship    Kevin Mayer
Discipleship: Yielded to the Holy Spirit  Paul Kroeker
Dealing with Expectations   Vernon Zook
Gifts of a Mentor    Steve Swartz

Women’s Session – Guest Speaker – Shirley Miller

The Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter

BOOST Retreat

Guest Speaker – John Stahl-Wert

Session 1 – Vision
Session 2Mission
Session 3 – Values
Session 4 – Profits
Session 5 – Rest

Annual Conference

Taste of Missions   RMM
Through the Word   Lyn Byler
Thirsting for the Spirit   Mel Shetler
Stepping out in Faith    Carl Medearis
With the Spirit, Going Where Jesus Is   Carl Medearis

Women’s Sessions

Free Indeed    Linda Boyette
Our High Calling   Linda Boyette
Life in One   Linda Boyette
Go in the Overflow   Linda Boyette


Pastors’ Conference

Guest Speaker – Luke Kuepfer

Session 1
Session 3
Session 4
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8

Where Are We Going? – Steve Swartz

Women’s SessionsGuest Speaker – Cara Croft

Session 1
Session 2

Annual Conference 2014

Taste of Missions  RMM
Discipleship and Kingdom Communities  Art McPhee
Moderator  Dale Keffer
Strengthen the Tent  Intergenerational Sermon
Extend the Tent  Richard and Jewel
The Word Became Flesh and Made His Home Among Us  (Audio/video not available)

Women’s Sessions Guest Speaker – Barbara Borntrager

Session One – Spring 
Session Two – Summer 
Session Three – Autumn
Session Four – Winter


Centennial – 100 years of God’s Faithfulness
Drama – 100 Years of Change
In a nutshell, this play covers 100 years of Amish-Mennonite culture change. This event was played out at the Conservative Mennonite Conference in Irwin OH.