Pastor of Word of Grace Church (2016-present)

MA in Church Ministries (Eastern Mennonite Seminary) with concentrations in Congregational Leadership, Evangelism and Church Planting; BA in English Education (Eastern Mennonite University)

Ministry Experience – pastor of Pleasant View Mennonite Church (1989-1993); religious columnist for The Hydro Review (1989-1993); part-time instructor at Rosedale Bible College (1994-1998); pastor of Cedar Hill Church (1997-2000); pastor of Dayton Mennonite Church (2002-2016) chaplain of Mercy House (2003-2006); board member of Rosedale Bible College (2015-present)


  • Knowing God Better (2-4), any setting
  • Parenting with a Purpose (2-4) Workshop or classroom
  • Genesis (2-4), any setting
  • Matthew (2-5), any setting
  • Acts (2-5), worship service or retreat


 Merlin W.     


Pastor of Riverview Christian Fellowship (2006-present)

BS in Business Administration (Goshen College)

Sermons (#) – James (23), Hebrews (45), Philippians (25), Haggai (3), Luke (87), Colossians (10), Ruth (13)
Sunday School (# of lessons) – Nehemiah (13), Galatians (13)


  • In It, Not of It (5) – being in the world, but not of it
  • Marks of a True Christian (3) – Romans 12:9-21
  • The Touch Topics (11) – addressing the things our culture is wrestling with biblically
  • Character Counts (8) – cardinal virtues & character qualities of believers
  • The Body of Christ (6) – gifts of the Spirit within the church
  • Living Sacrifices (6) – Romans 12:1-2, disciplines of the believer
  • Revival/Evangelistic Meetings on various topics – repentance, forgiveness, living & growing in grace, living with proper perspective

Settings – sermons, lecturing, leading classroom discussions




Pastor of Locust Grove Mennonite Church (1984-present)
BA (Cedarville University); graduated from Rosedale Bible College
Ministry Experience – We Care Prison Ministry (1981-1982)

  • Acts, Bible conference, Perspectives Course      
  • A Shepherd Looks at the Good Shepherd, men’s meeting, leadership retreat, pastors’ groups
  • Spiritual Disciples or themes of Spiritual Direction, large or small group, spiritual retreat, renewal meetings

Selected sermons from books of the Bible for renewal meetings, worship events or small groups: Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, I Samuel, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Mark, Acts, Ephesians, I Timothy, Revelation