Paul Kurtz

Pastor (2015-present), overseer

MA in Missiology (Simpson Graduate School); Bible & Theology Degree (Rosedale Bible College)

Ministry Experience – Ordained minister (1989–present); Gospel Echoes Prison Ministry (1980-1986); Rosedale Bible College Dean of Students (1992-1996); Rosedale Mennonite Missions (1996-2013, 2016-present)


  • Biblical Mandate for Missions 
  • Unreached Peoples
  • Business as Missions

Settings – congregations, leadership teams and/or local church mission teams


Scott Miller

Associate pastor of Oak Dale Mennonite Church (2014-present)

MA in Ministry Leadership (Columbia International Univ.)

Ministry experience – leading short term mission trips (esp. southeast Asia); has partnered with Wycliffe, Crossover Communications, and Serve
India Ministries


  • Servant Leadership (1-4) workshop, retreat, classroom
  • Taste of Perspectives (1-4) workshop, classroom
  • Church Planting (1-4) workshop, classroom, worship service
  • Missional Living (1-4) workshop, classroom, worship service


 Joe Showalter

President of Rosedale Mennonite Missions (2002-present)

MDiv (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), BA (Ohio State University), Rosedale Bible College

Ministry Experience – pastor, Grace Christian Fellowship (1990-2002); network coordinator, Columbus Network of Microchurches (2006 – present)


  • Missions, Evangelism & Church Planting: (4-6)
  • Biblical Foundations                     
  • Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
  • Jesus-Centered Missions & Evangelism
  • Strategic Principles
  • Group Bible Study Methods: (3-4)
  • Discover Bible Studies
  • Manuscript Bible Studies
  • Principles & Practices for Healthy Groups (3)
  • Ecclesiology (2-3)

Settings – workshop, classroom, retreat, small group, lecture/sermon


 Richard Showalter

Witness, consultant, overseer (2011-present)

DMin (Gordon-Conwell); MDiv (Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary); MTh (Univ. of Chicago); BA (Eastern Mennonite Univ.); Fuller School of Intercultural Studies

Ministry Experience – church planting (1977-1982); pastoral ministry, Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship (1978-1982); faculty, Rosedale Bible College (1968, 1976-79, 1989-94+); worker, Rosedale Mennonite Missions (1982-1989); mission administration, Eastern Mennonite Missions (1994-2011)


  • Biblical Theology of Missions (4)
  • Mission History (7)

Settings – classroom, retreat, sermon series