Youth – Kingdom Living

 A quarterly supplement to your youth curriculum — from an
Anabaptist perspective


Kingdom Living is a twelve lesson curriculum targeting senior high youth in Conservative Mennonite Conference. The lessons focus on topics (such as Anabaptism) that are neglected in curriculum gleaned from the wider evangelical world. The goal is not to replace youth curriculum but to provide supplemental lessons for youth Bible studies.

The twelve lessons are ready-to-go and contain ice breakers, scripture, interaction, and a prayer activity. All the material is in digital form, so youth leaders simply download the lesson elements (in PDF) and print out the number of copies needed.

The lessons can be found in their entirety on CMC’s website. However, one lesson will also be distributed once a quarter to all CMC churches. The lesson will be distributed (when possible) by email to the senior pastor. The pastor is encouraged to examine the material and forward it to the youth leaders for use in youth Bible studies or Sunday school classes.



Lesson 1 – Practice Peace                                    Lesson 7 – Giving, Not Grabbing

Lesson 2 – Players, Not Spectators                      Lesson 8 – You and the World; It’s Complicated

Lesson 3 – Traveling Light                                    Lesson 9 – Anna What, and Menno Who?

Lesson 4 – A Jesus Lens                                      Lesson 10  – Eternity Here and Now

Lesson 5 – About Fighting                                    Lesson 11 – Do I Have To?

Lesson 6 – Who Has Your Pledge                        Lesson 12 – Managers, Not Mongers