Pastoral Skills

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Overseeing the work of church committees and church council


~The Effective Pastor by Robert C. Anderson (Amazon), Chapters 8, 22

~The Art of Christian Leadership by Jon Byler, 2009, (Amazon), Chapter 13

Equipper Video:

~Church Structure – Brian Hershberger shares principles for keeping the church organizational structure simple. (15 minutes)


~Committees and Mistakes – Pastor Gabe Lawson shares advice for new pastors regarding working with existing committees and leadership teams. (9 min)

Leading the pastoral team


~The Art of Christian Leadership by Jon Byler, 2009, (Amazon), Chapter 10

~Leading and Managing Your Church, Carl George, (Amazon), Chapters 6,7


~What Churches Need to Do When Christians Are the Minority – Carey Nieuwhof  shares advice on how to create high performing teams in any size organization. (43 minutes)   (22 minutes) Andy Stanley shares on the power of team in a three part series. Part 2 (17 minutes) and Part 3 (20 minutes).



Supervising church staff (if applicable)


  • The Effective Pastor by Robert C. Anderson (Amazon), Chapters 26, 27, 28


Videos:  (4 minutes) Ron Vietti shares tips on how to affirm and challenge employees to create a great working environment.





        Planning and leading worship services



        Managing strategic planning processes



Podcasts:  (40 minutes) Greg Hawkins discusses how to implement a strategic planning process.



        Developing leaders


  • See The Art of Christian Leadership by Jon Byler, 2009, (Amazon), Chapter 8
  • See What’s My Shape (Rosedale Mennonite Missions)
  • See The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling for People Helpers by Gary Collins (Amazon)


Videos: (57 minutes) John Maxwell shares five levels of leadership.


Podcasts:   (72 minutes) Carey Nieuwhof interviews Todd Adkins on leadership development.

         (17 minutes) Andy Stanley gives easy and effective ways to delegate.



        Overseeing technology and computers



Videos:  (6 minutes) Church media professionals share their opinions of media in a church ministry context.


Podcasts: (66 minutes) Cary Nieuwhof interviews Steve Fogg on building an online and social media ministry for your church. Top 10 Church Tech Podcasts








Giving spiritual guidance to individuals


  • The Mystery of God’s Will by Charles Swindoll (Amazon)
  • The Effective Pastor by Robert C. Anderson (Amazon), Chapter 11
  • Solution Focused Pastoral Counseling by Charles Kollar (Amazon)



A large collection of 10-minute podcasts on a variety of topics encountered in pastoral counseling with practical solutions from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. This is accessible through I-Tunes.



Helping troubled marriages



Videos:  6-8 hours of video instruction in marriage enrichment available from the Marriage Resource Center in Springfield, Ohio



Assisting with parenting issues


  • How to Really Love Your Teen by Ross Campbell (Amazon)
  • How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell (Amazon)


Videos:  (10-15 minutes) CMC’s Equipper series includes offerings from Key Principles for Parents (Tom Bender) and Family Systems (Steve Swartz)



Resourcing those suffering from grief and loss



        Videos:  (4 minute) Animated video that illustrates the grieving process, especially grief from death.

  (10-15 minutes) In CMC’s Equipper series, Lynette Showalter speaks on Waiting with people who grieve.



Providing pre-marriage counseling



Videos:  (8 minutes) Explains and defends pre-marriage counseling



        Making referrals for counseling



Videos: (10 minutes) A Christian mental health therapist gives guidance on how to make counseling referrals and help members follow through on the referrals.



Pastoral Care



Providing for the visitation of members


  • The Effective Pastor by Robert C. Anderson (Amazon), Chapters 7, 10
  • Mastering Pastoral Care by Bruce Larson (Amazon)


Videos: (25 minutes) How to make the most of pastoral visits
Podcasts:  (25 Minutes) Effective Pastoral Visitation





Providing for hospital calls






Leading funerals



        Videos: (6 minutes) How to conduct a funeral: Meeting with the family

   (7 minutes) How to conduct a funeral: Preparing a funeral message



Leading communion




Preparing for and leading baptisms




Leading wedding services


  • Minister’s Manual – Mennonite
  • See The Effective Pastor by Robert C. Anderson (Amazon), Chapter 19




Leading child dedications




Providing for membership classes




Providing for visitor follow-up



        Videos: (7 Minute) Welcoming guests to the church service         



Managing conflict


  • See The Peacemaker by Ken Sande (Amazon)
  • See Mastering Conflict and Controversy, Marshall Shelly (Amazon)
  • See Managing Polarities in Congregations, Roy Oswald and Barry Johnson (Amazon)


Videos:    (15 minutes) In CMC’s Equipper series, Merle Nisly discusses how to maintain unity in the church.


Podcasts: (32 Minutes) Church leaders discuss how to handle conflict well.



        Developing Child abuse policy in the local church


  • Child Abuse Prevention by Christian Law Association,
  • On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church by Deepak Reju (Amazon)

Videos: (38 minutes) A lawyer and denominational leader discuss child sexual abuse policies in the local church



Preparing a sermon


  • Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson, (Amazon)
  • Mastering Contemporary Preaching, Bill Hybels (Amazon)
  • Preaching the Great Themes of the Bible, Chevis Horne (Amazon)
  • Communicating For A Change, Andy Stanley (Amazon)


   Videos:  (10-15 Minutes) In CMC’s Equipper series, Pastors Alvin Yoder, Max Zook, Jim Miller, and Tim Yoder each share how they prepare a sermon.



Delivering a sermon


  • A Complete Guide to Sermon Delivery by Al Fasol


        Videos: (24 minutes) Tips to deliver your sermon effectively through voice quality, pitch, and hand gestures


        Podcasts:  (20 minutes each) A number of podcasts on preaching are listed on this site, including delivery, and are accessed through I-Tunes.








Videos:  (10-15 minutes) In CMC’s Equipper series, Pastors Darren Peachey and Phil Schrock share about discipleship.





Planning outreach events for the unchurched


  • The Effective Pastor by Robert C. Anderson (Amazon), Chapter 18
  • Mastering Outreach and Evangelism, Myron Augsburger



        Fostering a culture of evangelism in the church


  • Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels (Amazon)


Podcasts:  (76 minutes) Carey Nieuwhof NLP123 How to have meaningful, life-giving conversations with non-Christians.



        Involving the local church in inviting the nations to worship Jesus

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